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Elegant, playfully designed stoneware pottery

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Flint Brook Pottery clocks keep the time with a lively visual energy.
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Flint Brook Pottery-pendelum clock

Pendulum Style   $70 each
8" diameter/3" diameter bob
Shown: Cream 'Sun Spiral

Flint Brook Pottery, handcrafted stoneware clock

Round Style   $45 each
8" diameter
Shown: Blue 'Spiral

Flint Brook Pottery, handcrafted stoneware clocks

NEW!  Mini Clocks  $25 each
4.5" diameter

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I have tested several clock movements and settled on a reliable, very quiet movement. AA batteries included.

My clocks come in two styles and a variety of colors and patterns. Either the 'spiral' or 'woven' pattern can be done in your choice of color - green, blue, yellow, or cream. These patterns are achieved when slip, a colored liquid clay, is applied as the wheel turns, then is 'painted' into with my fingertips, or small bundles of straw. The speed of the wheel and the pace of my hand create a unique rhythmic variation for each clock face.

The carved designs can be done in a neutral cream color or in the striking black & white combination. Among the patterns I create are the "sun spiral" or the "galaxy". Of course I always love to play with new pattern combinations - just contact me and we can figure out what you like best.



Flint Brook Pottery
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Worcester, VT 05682

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